[OSM-talk] getmap in osm mode

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Wed Jun 17 17:41:25 UTC 2015

Out of curiosity - there is a "getmap" TeX package:


which can put the maps directly from the net using just the address. 
Currently it uses Google Maps and MapQuest, but not the other OSM maps 
we have, so I asked the author of getmap and here's what he reply to me:

> getmap works with so called public static image APIs, which are 
> provided by Mapquest and Google. AFAIR, OSM does *not* provide such an 
> API - at least at last time I checked. But, I've read that OSM now 
> provides direct routing. If they would also provide an static image 
> API, ... ;-)

So what about that "public static image APIs" - do we have it (or will 
we some day)?

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down" [A. Cohen]

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