[OSM-talk] proper use of mailing lists

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 23 09:13:27 UTC 2015


   there has recently been a posting that was sent to (as far as I can
see) each and every regional and local OSM mailing list, asking people
to get in touch if they know someone who visits some event in Mexico.

The posting carried the apology: "Sorry for the cross posting."

(The posting hasn't reached those lists that require the sender to be a
member of the list.)

Regional mailing lists have been created so that people who are only (or
predominantly) interested in their local area have a place; it is very
unlikely that someone who travels from, say, South Tyrol to Mexico for
an international event will only read the South Tyrol mailing list.

I would sincerely ask mailing list users to respect the community and
the ways its members have chosen for their communication. If you want to
point to an important international event, use the talk list instead of
flooding every single regional OSM mailing list in existence.

And more generally, if you write a message that contains an apology for
writing the message ("sorry for the cross posting but...", "sorry for
the sexist joke but..." etc.) that may be a good sign to stop and think
twice before you hit send.


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