[OSM-talk] THIS is the kind of enthusiasm some would reject

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Mon Sep 7 15:31:02 UTC 2015


To everyone who thinks we shouldn't map abandoned railroads: THIS is
the kind of mapping enthusiasm that you would have us reject
forcefully. THIS is why Google Maps has people mapping for free.
THIS is not the only person who maps abandoned rails for the
competition, who is glad to have the data.

  o What the HELL am I supposed to tell this person?
  o How do we get him to contribute his efforts to OSM?
  o Am I supposed to tell him "Yes, you can map the way
    we tell you, but if you try to map what you are
    passionate about, go away"??

We should map everything that doesn't move, and maybe a few things
that do.

We need an authoritative statement that says that deleting abandoned
railroads is vandalism, and that people who do so in spite of being
warned not to, will be banned from the project. Until I get that, I
cannot in good conscience encourage any railfan to map railroads,
because of the threat from vandals to delete their edits.

I could go through the discussion over the last month and identify a
grand total of five people who reject mapping abandoned railroads. Are
THEIR efforts worth the loss of Tony Howe's mapping?? What are we
giving up for our "purity of essence"? Why are we listening to these
five people when allowing people to delete abandoned rails (or
threaten to do so, which is the same thing, just pushed into the

I'm so, so, tired of this fight. I want to encourage Tony Howe to edit
OSM, but I don't want to look like an idiot when he comes back and
says "Some jerk deleted my edits!"


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