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Wuzzy wuzzy2 at mail.ru
Sun Apr 3 11:10:47 UTC 2016

> Ok so look, Slack took over the world. And it turns out it’s pretty
> good and useful. Let’s have an official OSM slack.

“Ok so look, Google Maps took over the world. And it turns out it's
pretty good and useful. Let's all officially stop OSM and start working
for Google.”

Whaaat? This does not convince you? Then you probably understand why
your sentence does not convince me. :P

I see Slack as this:
* Another proprietary solution which flies directly in the face of
  OSM's spirit
* Another communication channel (as if we haven't enough already)
* We become dependent on the Slack company for no good reason. And you
  need to pray that they do not turn evil (assuming they are not already

This whole “proposal” begs the question: “What is wrong with the
existing system?”. Seriously, are there any serious problems with the
old system? Are there lots of people complaining that our current
system is “broken” or does not work? And even if so, I doubt that Slack
would be the best way to “fix” this.

But especially I don't like the proliferation of of proprietary bullshit
to OSM.
Some people are pretending it's no big deal, but I strongly believe this
crap needs to stop! I have always seen
OSM as an open/free/libre project; this is the whole point of it, this
is what makes OSM unique. Throwing this away *even in the
slightest* would make OSM just another Google Maps / Nokia Here /
We-Own-Your-Ass® Maps.

Oh wait. I just realized I am just wasting my time here. Because:

> I realize that I’m inviting a discussion about how slack is an evil
> company or that we should all just use IRC, and those are fine
> arguments I don’t have the energy for.
That's an interesting idea to dismiss any argument: Just say you “don't
have the energy” for it.

Just think about it: You can “defend” anything with this stupid
sentence. Like this:
“The world is ruled by the illuminati!”—“That's nonsense, there is not
any proof for it.”—“I don't have the energy for this kind of argument.”

If you don't have the “energy” to discuss arguments against any idea,
then this is just a nice way to say that you are not willing to discuss
at all. This is why I think this is not a proposal at all, you have
already decided, you plan to use Slack *regardless* and the only thing
you know care about is *how* to implement this. Am I right?

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