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Thu Aug 11 14:31:56 UTC 2016

As far as I know you cannot know the extend of "wonderland" until you
asked all people in Wonderland what their postcode is. "Wonderland" or
ZIP-code "area" is only defined by the post, and does not match any
administrative boundary. This is the case for Canada, US and UK.
Unlike Belgium or Germany were (in most cases) you know the postal
code of a town as soon as you know 1 postal code for a house in that
So it is not sufficient to ask 1 person in 1 street what there postal
code is, you have to ask them all before .


On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 4:09 PM, Frank Villaro-Dixon
<frank at villaro-dixon.eu> wrote:
> On 16-08-11 09:55:03, john whelan, wrote 5.8K characters saying:
>>>> In Canada Postal Codes are not open data so the only way they can be
>>>> used is on an individual address.
>>> I don't understand. What does it make that they are not open data ? One
>>> could know that all of their village has the same postcode, so they could
>>> simply add a addr:postcode=xxx to their village boundary ?
>> It's to do with where you get the information from.  If you knock on the
>> door of every address and ask every one their postcode then it is
>> acceptable to map it.  If you look it up on the Canada Post web site then
>> you got taken too court.
> Personally, I know the postcodes of all of my adjacent villages and I've
> never looked-it up on any website. You "just know" from personal knowledge,
> conversation, local stores. Of course I haven't surveyed all the houses, but
> you suppose the postcode to be true for all the houses of the village.
> I mean, a friend could tell me: "Hey, send me a postcard; I live in
> wonderland and my postcode is 1337", then I would think: "Okay, the postcode
> for wonderland is 1337". What's wrong/illegal/not acceptable with that ?
> It's empiric and not "real science", but it works.
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