[OSM-talk] [HOT] Help HOT give 10 communities the resources to map!

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 01:47:48 UTC 2016

One of the problems with giving aid is only about a tenth of the money
given is used in the way one would hope.

Probably the most pressing problem in Africa at the moment is corruption
and in many ways aid doesn't help this particular problem.

Mapping in OSM is way to assist without fear that the funds will be

Money given by government agencies stands a little more chance that the aid
will get through although there is always the temptation to say it must be
shipped on ships from the donor country or must be spent on goods from the
donor country.

Given that HOT Inc exists in the US and given the USA culture, who else
could elect Donald, I think we can expect them to present themselves in
this manner.

Whilst I would hope that requirements and benefits can be presented I'm not
sure that this is in the US tradition.  Given the attention span of the
target audience again is it worth the effort to HOT Inc?  Should the
message have been restricted to those with a US address?

If I'm cynical then the task manager has been very effective.  The training
group has identified problem areas and come up with solutions. However HOT
is not just HOT Inc there are many people involved in creating maps and the
tools used.  Germany is home to many of them.   The OSM wiki contains much
wisdom, the page I'm thinking of was put together by a Canadian, well a
Québécois which is practically the same.

I'd like to see two slots on the most urgent slots in tasks reserved for
projects that are run by OSM groups in affected areas to give some sort of
recognition to the work they are doing.  If nothing else they're learning
project management skills that they can apply elsewhere.

In sum HOT Inc probably deserves some support but on transparency I think
it could do better.

​Note to Severin I trimmed the posted message down to fit under the 40k
character limit for osmf and talk osm then reposted.  The original was
posted on the HOT mailing list.

Cheerio John
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