[OSM-talk] Mozambique's living streets

Jean-Marc Liotier jm at liotier.org
Sun Dec 11 01:10:51 UTC 2016

Legal definition vs."duck typing" - there is a bit of both in 
Openstreetmap tagging... But because "living street" has a precise legal 
definition in Europe, involved mappers chose not to confuse the issue by 
using a different one.

Then there was the question of differentiating large residential streets 
from minor ones... Some bright spark took initiative by tagging a large 
part of Dakar's residential streets as highway=service - that has been 
universally perceived as a very bad idea.

I mostly just highway=residential with a surface=* tag but now that you 
remind me of those discussion, I'm thinking that a key differentiator is 
the presence of a sidewalk. What about:


Doesn't that feel like Africa already ?

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