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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Dec 11 21:36:16 UTC 2016

Am 09.11.2016 um 12:42 schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> 2016-11-06 0:25 GMT+01:00 Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>>:
> I'm not sure it is like this. Just because the code to produce the
> work has a CC0 license attached to it does not necessarily mean that
> the resulting cartography is also free of rights. At least the
> copyright page at http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright clearly has a
> different claim on it (if deliberately or as result of oversight is
> not clear to me).
>     Or are we claiming that we are actually licensing the design/look
>     and feel of the standard tiles on CC by-SA terms (and by that have
>     rights in any derivatives of that style) and you can't actually
>     use openstreetmap-carto style sheet to produce a style that is
>     visually similar to our standard style?
> that's what we seem to do right now, yes.
> Admittedly there is quite some probability that the current claim of
> cc-by-sa 2.0 cartography is not because the creators of this work had
> been requiring it (AFAIK originally Steve Chilton and his team, now
> Andy and all the other contributors to the style), as they have
> expressed consent / will to release the style in CC0.

https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/pull/2474 is likely
relevant to this point.

> What we actually might want to achieve with the cc-by-sa on the tiles
> is that people who use tiles produced and distributed with our
> ressources will have to credit OSM for this and should not be able to
> restrict the further downstream distribution.

True, except, naturally, that that is silly (standard style tiles
created on OSMF infrastructure are indistinguishable from such rendered
somewhere else)  and creates more issues than it solves. And it is still
not clear what we are licensing in this case, assuming that both the
style and the cartography generated by it are CC0 (note: yes we have to
use a licence that guarantees downstream attribution of the data source).


> Cheers,
> Martin

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