[OSM-talk] Mapping Klong Toey Slums

Mishari Muqbil mishari at mishari.net
Thu Jul 14 10:58:00 UTC 2016


I just wanted to feedback from the community for our effort to map the 
slums in Klong Toey, Bangkok. The size of the area is about 1km x 2 km 
around here <https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/13.7071/100.5763> and 
I have captured a sequence on Mapillay here 
There are several challenges here including access to internet and 
English literacy, so I have come up with the following rough plan.

1. Put out a call for volunteers, work with NGOs in the area to find 
local kids who are interested in putting their community on the map.
2. Train the kids in using ID editor. I think I will limit them to doing 
specific things i.e. walkways, houses, trees, restaurant, convenience 
stores with individual kids limited to 2-3 features to avoid confusion 
then as they get the hang of it, increase their repertoire.
3. Take over a local internet cafe for a day for training and mapping 

Now I'm not sure about the rest of the process, you can see from 
Mapillary that due to the somewhat dense nature of the community, GPS is 
inaccurate and neither Bing nor Mapbox has enough of a resolution to be 
meaningful. So I have several (possibly overlapping) ideas.

a) hire or borrow a drone to take aerial imagery and upload to 
openaerialmap and use that as a basemap but I'm not sure how possible it 
will be to see through the roofs.
b) get a team of surveyor students from Prof. Garavig to map out the 
paths in the community (it's pretty big so I'm not sure how tine 
consuming it is) then have the community kids fill in the blank.
c) use walking papers and have the kids go out, sketching what they see 
from the rooftop but I feel this may be prone to errors.

Does anyone have any experience or tips they can share on how we can 
achieve this?

Best regards
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