[OSM-talk] Go Map!: Mobile mapping on iOS

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Mon Jul 25 23:32:50 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I always used to be quite sceptical about mobile mapping applications.
Due to the small screen size and lack of a mouse pointer, mobile
mapping seemed clumsy and error-prone. For me, collecting data in the
field and then adding it on a personal computer with JOSM was the way
to go.

However, my mind has changed completely since I discovered Go Map!, an
application for iOS written by Bryce Cogswell. Nowadays, I'm doing
almost all my mapping in the field straight in Go Map!, and only
rarely do I still resort to JOSM.

Go Map! is designed with a light-weight UI, making mapping easy and
intuitive. In particular, a lot of attention was paid to minimize the
chance of user errors. Some examples:
- Objects are moved by dragging a handle next to the object, rather
than the object itself. This way, you're not obscuring the placement
of the object.
- When drawing a new line, a subtle animation is shown whenever you're
about to connect a node to another node or line.
- The application does not permit the manipulation (such as
straightening) of objects (partially) outside of the view.

I found that entering the results of my surveys straight in Go Map!
saves me a lot of time, and additionally improves the quality of my
data (since one data manipulation step is cut out, and I can verify
results immediately).

Of course, even with Go Map!, accidental data errors might be
possible. And repetitive actions, or manipulation of large areas with
many notes, is perhaps still easier on a desktop computer. But
overall, I find Go Map! a large improvement.

And an additional bonus: whenever passers-by ask you when this map
you're creating can be viewed online, you now can tell them: "in about
two minutes".

I'd recommend every iOS user to give the application at least a try.

The application can be downloaded here:

-- Matthijs

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