[OSM-talk] Go Map!: Mobile mapping on iOS

moltonel moltonel at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 08:18:03 UTC 2016

On 26 July 2016 13:39:31 GMT+01:00, Aun Johnsen <lists at gimnechiske.org> wrote:
>I have used GoMap!! since I hooked with the beta (under a different
>name to begin with). I have had some feedback to Bryce that have been
>incorporated. He have listened to the community for ideas, making the
>app more user-friendly and covering the needs of the different users. I
>agree wholeheartedly that it is good for adding data on the move, but
>for larger edits JOSM is still preferred editor.

When I first heard of GoMap, it was along with some criticism that it didn't handle the full osm data model and could mess up relations for example. I trust this has been sorted and GoMap is now relation-safe or even able to edit/create relations ?

In Android land I recommend Vespucci, which is ergonomic, full-featured, and Free (I've contributed a few translations and bugreports). 

I don't have any Apple stuff so I don't know how GoMap and Vespucci compare. Is there any cross-polination between the two ?
Vincent Dp
Vincent Dp

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