[OSM-talk] Announcement: Direct Access to MapQuest map tiles without a key will end on 11 July 2016. Details on getting keys and SDKs

Jeff Medaugh jeff.medaugh at mapquest.com
Wed Jun 15 16:43:41 UTC 2016

MapQuest is moving to a 100% cloud solution - the new infrastructure
dictates that all tile access will require a key. Details on how to get
keys, SDKs and general migration information is below:

On Monday, July 11, 2016, our direct tile access to MapQuest legacy maps
will be discontinued. After Monday, July 11, 2016, we’ll require those
using our direct tiles access to sign up for a plan on the Developer
Network and transition to one of our four mapping solutions:


   MapQuest plugin for Leaflet

   iOS mobile SDK

   Android mobile SDK

   Static map API

Get new keys and SDKs here: https://developer.mapquest.com/

FAQ and details are below. If you have additional questions about these
changes, please email us at developer-services at mapquest.com or contact us
via our forum (URL below).


If I don’t sign up for a new AppKey, will my service be shut off?

If you’re currently getting direct tile access, your service will be shut
off beginning Monday,  July 11, 2016. We encourage you to sign up for a
plan to access an AppKey and access our various mapping solutions.

What are the differences between the plans you offer?

The available plans include: Free, Basic, Plus, Business, Business
Enhanced, Business Plus, and Business Plus Enhanced. Please see our plans
page for pricing and additional information. We also offer an
Enterprise-level plan that includes additional benefits and flexibility. If
you are interested in an Enterprise-level plan, please contact us to
discuss licensing options.

How are transactions counted within your mapping solutions?

A map transaction is generally generated under the following circumstances:


   The initial load of the map when using SDKs such as the JavaScript Maps
   API, Leaflet Plugins, Mobile SDKS, or legacy Flash Maps API

   There is a change in zoom level

   There is a change in map type, for instance, a change from the default
   map to satellite imagery

   The user pans and causes more than 40% of the displayed map to change
   (legacy Flash Maps API only).

   A request is made to the Static Map API Web Service.

What if I need help with the transition to a new mapping solution?

Please visit the forums on our Developer Network if you have questions
about transitioning from direct tile access to Leaflet, Mobile SDK or
Static Map API.


*Jeff Medaugh *Product Manager - Developer Services

[image: MapQuest] <http://www.mapquest.com/>
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