[OSM-talk] Failed water proposal reversal

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 07:54:48 UTC 2016

2016-06-19 23:35 GMT+03:00 Ilya Zverev:
> <...> the proposal about water=* was
> accepted by 16 mappers, and if you have a problem with that, then I agree
> that we should change our proposal process, but in all these years nobody
> has even started.

  Accepted by 16(!) wiki editors but ignored by thousands of mappers.
  5 years after acceptance according to tagwatch:
  "new" tag usage
  water=reservoir 79937
  water=riverbank 1085

  "old" tag usage
  landuse=reservoir 387793
  waterway=riverbank 293319

  If data consumers would read wiki to learn how things are already
mapped they would get wrong information.

  What would be the process of reconsidering water proposal?
  1. Wiki proposal for "unproposing" :-)
  2. De facto reversal (based on actual mapping)

  I personally do not see wiki as a good place to do that because wiki
does have a more or less separate group of people. I would assume most
mappers are not watching wiki for proposals, so basically we would get
back to the same 16 wiki editors.

P.S. Sorry for "tank accusation", must have mixed with somebody else.


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