[OSM-talk] Upload slowness - what's going on?

Ben Discoe bdiscoe at gmail.com
Fri May 13 05:02:09 UTC 2016

Several of us have noticed radically slowly upload speed for
changesets, roughly since the server move on May 9.  Like, as
painfully slow as it used to be, it's now several times slower.

It's been discussed with @OSM_Tech on twitter, in this thread:

Before I get too hysterical, can somebody tell me what happened, and
can it be fixed?

OSM_Tech's mysterious message:
  "Large uploads will take around 3 times longer. Small uploads extra
delay should be minimal."

Does this mean that something did change?  It is database writes that
are taking so much longer?  Changesets with as few as 400 object are
taking several times longer, what constitutes "large" vs. "small"?
Can it be fixed?  Can I donate large sums of money somewhere to help
it get fixed?


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