[OSM-talk] "We're On The Map" vinyl window clings?

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Nov 1 00:11:10 UTC 2016

Cleaning out my office. Found an envelope with about 80 vinyl window
clings. You peel off the backing and apply it to the inside of a glass
window. The idea was to add an establishment to OSM, then give them
one of these to put on the inside of one of their windows so passersby
could see it. It says:

We're               www.OpenStreetMap.org
On                  wrapped in a semicircle around
The Map!            the OSM logo
  An Open Source Map of the World

(smaller print) Get your own cling for free at www.cloudmade.com/cling

If anybody has a use for them, I'll send them to you at my
expense. Preference given to the cheapest shipping address. :-)

Before you bother to check, no, the cloudmade.com/cling address
404's. Nick Black is still there. We could probably talk him into
making the URL work again and say "Sorry, offer expired in 2010" or
something like that.

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