[OSM-talk] OpenStreetView name change

Glenn Plas glenn at byte-consult.be
Tue Nov 8 18:51:33 UTC 2016

On 08-11-16 19:16, Hakuch wrote:
> On 08.11.2016 18:34, Glenn Plas wrote:
>> I think it's definitely totally unreasonable by Giegle.
> To be honest, no one would have chosen "View" if there not has been that
> other tool, do you?

View is quite a common word. Imagine apple claiming the rights on
anything that starts with I- : I-crap, I-whatever, I-rail, I-eat (there
are thousands of those). They wouldn't exist either without Apple.

They seem to have no problem with OpenStreetMap vs. Google StreetMap
right?  Because they know they would loose this in court.  It's just FUD

I've went against Google in 2008 on a map dispute and won , didn't have
to pay 50K per year for 3 years because of it(prob. peanuts for them but
they went after us anyway).   Didn't cost me nothing btw. well worth it.

They thought they could force American rules on a Belgian company, they
might have plenty of lawyers, doesn't really help as only 1 can talk at
the same time and when they are ignorant they loose.

in our EU law system you cannot claim ownership over common words like
that.  It's not because you're big and bold that you can get away with

So, why not use OpenStreetMapView ? It's just an extra word behind an
existing brand, almost as old as Giggle maps.

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