[OSM-talk] Neutrality of SotM

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Thu Sep 8 14:15:24 UTC 2016


could someone who is member of SotM Working Group explain me, why the
Twitter account of SotM promotes voting for Ramani Huria at OSM Award?
It is ok that SotM promotes OSM Award itself but it should not promote
some candidates and others not.

@sotm has retweeted following tweets:
> 1/4. @openstreetmap launched #OSMAwards http://bit.ly/2cmPAZH  to be
> presented at the @sotm conference in Brussels.

> 2/4. And @RamaniHuria is nominated under the category "Greatness in
> Mapping Award".

> 3/4 We'd like to thank the @openstreetmap community for considering
> @RamaniHuria for this award, it's a great honor to be nominated.

> 4/4. Please consider voting, place your vote here
> http://awards.osmz.ru/voting  and we hope to see you in Brussels at
> @sotm 2016 conference

Please remove this (re)tweets in order to keep the competition fair.

Best regards


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