[OSM-talk] Updated Privacy Policy

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Sep 28 10:05:12 UTC 2016

The updated privacy policy that was in work since late 2015 has now been
published and is available here:

The changes in detail can be viewed here:

One of the reasons for this taking so long were the necessary code
changes with respect to the gravatar handling. Previously, starting
October 2012, gravatars were turned on for everybody regardless of if
they had actually created one with gravatar.com. We now check on initial
sign up and every time you change your e-mail address in the OSM account
if a gravatar exists and only enable the display if that is the case.

Currently a script is working through the OSM database and executing the
above test for existing accounts, it is roughly 2/3 through at this
point in time and will take another couple of weeks to complete. You
will notice a change if you previously hadn't turned gravatars off or
uploaded a custom image in that the default gravatar generated by
gravatar.com for your e-mail address is no longer displayed. If you are
not concerned about the privacy issues for you and people viewing your
profile you can get the old behaviour by simply turning gravatar support
back on again.


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