[OSM-talk] How to define a climbing crag/area?

Viet Nguyen viet2046 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 17:38:28 UTC 2017


I'm an avid rock climber and open source enthusiast.  I want to build
better climbing maps and an easy-to-use mobile app for climbers to share

Many climbing walls/crags/areas are currently defined as nodes in OSM.  In
contrast, in my proof-of-concept app users can define and save crag
boundaries by drawing polygons on the map.  The search function would then
use spatial queries to find features contained within a polygon.

The linked photo below illustrates typical layout of a climbing area. Crag
boundaries are often loosely defined by climbers... so I'm not sure whether
saving those polygons to OSM is a good idea.


Also I have looked into using Relations but the concept seems rigid for
this use case as it would require the users (or the code) to associate
climbing routes to a relation.  Perhaps I misunderstand the concept of

I'm looking for guidance and suggestions on how to best implement this
feature.  Having all geo-data in OSM (single source of truth) would be
ideal, but I can just store those polygons in my own database as well.

Here's my proposal:



Viet Nguyen

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