[OSM-talk] OSM Wikidata SPARQL service updated

mmd mmd.osm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 09:18:46 UTC 2017


Am 13.08.2017 um 19:49 schrieb Yuri Astrakhan:

> * all ways now store "osmm:loc" with centroid coordinates, making it
> possible to crudely filter ways by location

out of curiosity, can you say a few words on how your overall approach
to calculate centroids for ways? As we all know it's an endless pain to
get that information out of minutely diffs :)

I have to say that I'm pretty much unfamiliar with SPARQL and just tried
the following query. My expectation was that I won't get any results,
making me wonder if my query has some issue?

  ?osmId osmm:type 'w' .
  FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?osmId osmm:loc ?osmLoc }.
} LIMIT 100

BTW: A quick search on Github yielded the following:
https://github.com/nyurik/osm2rdf. Would that be the right place to look
for more details?



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