[OSM-talk] An import in New Zealand, assistance requested

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Wed Aug 16 06:31:42 UTC 2017

Dear Robin,

I see that these buildings have got one author who has on his statistics 
page about 6 thousand edits. How do you know that these buildings were 
actually imported and not drawn manually in an editor? Was there a clear 
acknowledgement about importing of these building? I have got about 9 
thousand edits on mine and I did not do a single import.

I am not a stranger to horrors of untangling Gordian knots of automated 
imports and ravages of optical shape recognition software on vast 
expanses. I am not in a Data Group, but I am curious how you realized 
that these are the imports? From where this data could be imported? Was 
it actually imported from a database or drawn automatically by some 
pattern & shape recognition software?

Who could have such a detailed database about hundreds of thousands of 
buildings? Who could enter such data into a legacy database? With what 

With best regards,

On 16.08.17 01:10, Robin Paulson wrote:
> Before I ask for assistance, please note this: I've already brought
> this up on osm-imports and got nowhere useful.
> http://osm.org/go/uuU13aiv
> There are a number of users in NZ doing mass imports of building data
> in Auckland (I estimate 500,000 buildings), while wilfully ignoring
> community guidelines.
> I have asked numerous times for those doing the imports to stop and
> follow the notes on the imports page. There is no wiki page, no
> discussion on osm-imports, only vague references to a tool called
> linz2osm and responses of "Oh, I thought everything had been OK'd
> already, we discussed it on a local (google groups) mailing list".
> Sometimes they stop for a while and then restart some time later,
> maybe hoping no-one will notice. I hear there are other imports too,
> one of the importers offhand mentioned a mass import of waterways,
> also with no wiki page, discussion or outside involvement.
> I bring it up here, because nobody subscribed to osm-imports appears
> willing to back up these requests, to say to the importers that they
> should follow the guidelines. A number of the importers are subscribed
> to the osm-imports and osm-talk lists, but are strangely quiet when I
> mention this request to stop and do things with community involvement.
> --
> robin
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