[OSM-talk] Subway Routing in Maps.Me

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Mon Dec 25 14:34:12 UTC 2017


You might have noticed an unusually high attention to public transport mapping in OpenStreetMap recently. There was a validator, a big proposal that got rejected, and another one that isn't yet. You might have seen subway route relations in your city edited, to better conform to the PTv2 schema. Why? What was all that for?

Last week we have published MAPS.ME 8.0 for Android and iOS. If you plan a route in one of 74 cities, it will suggest using a subway or a light rail network. That includes London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Yokohama, Dubai, Lima and many others. What I'd like to highlight, is that zero GTFS feeds were used for that. All the data comes from OpenStreetMap.


This is without doubt the first time somebody has used public transport relations from OSM for routing, considering the state of these relations three months ago. I see the development of the public transport schemas being tied to just rendering, and maybe this would make them better. Who knows, maybe in a year even overground routes in OSM could be used for anything other than highlighting roads.

I'd like to thank you for discussing the proposal and mapping, and to ask you for help mapping the rest of the cities. Especially the United States and asian countries. I am willing to explain anything that is unclear, possibly improving the Metro Mapping page.


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