[OSM-talk] Standard map style contributions

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Thu Dec 28 10:45:52 UTC 2017


We have a lot of tickets waiting for solving in osm-carto (almost 400) 
and I'm interested how could we do it effectively.

It's not realistic to expect that the core team would be able to catch 
up and that's why we took some care to help other people to contribute. 
Most important thing was preparing the Docker environment, which makes 
installing and testing a lot easier, but there are also some documents 
explaining the inner working of the project and even some very easy 
tasks to pick:


However after almost half a year we still don't have too many 
contributions from other people and I'm curious what are the main 
obstacles which prevent it and what else could we possibly change to 
make it easier? There's also more basic question: how many people are 
interested in contributing to osm-carto at all?

"My method is uncertain/ It's a mess but it's working" [F. Apple]

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