[OSM-talk] Wikipedia/Wikidata admins cleanup

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Jan 7 00:02:22 UTC 2017

On 1/6/2017 7:37 AM, Mikel Maron wrote:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/39517002 is an example. There 
> were issues with this import, sure. This was not vandalism, 
> advertising, or a fatal breakage of the map -- not a situation where 
> an immediate action was justified (and definitely there are other 
> situations where immediate action is needed). An active mapper and an 
> active community were communicating, acting to fix the problems. The 
> reverter in this case choose to ignore the mapper and the community 
> and took a unilateral action, in contradiction to some guidelines on 
> the wiki. This kind of approach discourages community contribution and 
> cooperation. We can do a lot better to cooperatively improve the map 
> and how we map it.

The revert in this case did not involve the Data Working Group. The DWG 
statement on this issue is 
Quoting from it

> Advance permission is not required for reverts, nor for normal mapping
> activities. At the same time, users are expected to be responsible,
> particularly when using tools for reverting which allow large-scale
> changes where other users may disagree with them.
> Where there are problems with an import reverting is an option, but
> just one of many, and often not the appropriate first action. Unless
> there are legal problems or fatal problems with the import it is
> preferable if the original importer can fix the problems in a timely
> manner. There was every indication this was going to happen in this case.
> The revert of 39517002 was inappropriate and counter-productive. New
> actions like this revert may lead to further Data Working Group
> involvement and potentially blocks. If the Canadian community needs help
> reverting 41749133 and 41756737, the Data Working Group can revert those
> changesets.

Because there seems to be some confusion, neither Nakaner or Mikel are 
members of the Data Working Group.

Frederik Ramm, Andy Townsend, and myself are the three people in this 
thread who are also members of the DWG. Unless they state otherwise, 
their opinions aren't representing the DWG.

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group
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