[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap Awards 2017

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Wed Jul 12 22:09:59 UTC 2017

Thanks for bringing up the topic, Michael. The call for nominees has 
ended, and after that I have studied each one and filtered out 
duplicates, nominees that already have an award, that did not do 
anything in the past year or do not seem to do anything with 
OpenStreetMap. You can see reasons for nominees you submitted by logging 
in and clicking the first tab, "mine":


In total 33 entries were hidden, including 9 entries for "SPIN Unit", 
which is both unknown in OSM community and has operated for at least 
three years. I removed myself either, very grateful to the one who 
nominated me :)

Today I have written to a lot of mailing lists and individuals asking 
them to grade the nominees. The principle is this:

* Core — OWG
* Innovations — EWG
* Writing — CWG
* Mapping — there are five nominees, so everyone passes
* Community — not sure right now, help welcome
* Latin America — SotM LatAm team and people Tyler and Miriam recommended
* Africa — SotM Africa team and people Tyler recommended
* Asia — SotM team, Kathmandu Living Labs and some other people recommended
* Ulf Möller Award — the Board

Of course, if anybody from the teams mentioned participates, then their 
teams would be removed from the list of nominees. For this reason I 
cannot ask, for example, the HOT to help me with the community award.

Committee members do not write me any reasons for their ranking. That 
would be too much in my opinion. I do not intend to share their lists, 
nor disclose their names: it would be more open, but at the same time 
would put some stress on them. You would have to believe me I watch for 
conflicts of interest and do not interfere in the process in any way.

On 17th of July (yes, we're running a few days late) I'll run the STV 
process on all lists I will have received, and that would give me five 
best nominees in each of the categories. And shortly after that the 
community voting will be open. This year you won't have to choose 
between equally great nominees: we'll use the Approval Voting method. It 
fares pretty well compared to other methods:


Finally, if you know somebody who is (or if you are) qualified to choose 
nominees for the "Community" category and doesn't have any conflict of 
interest on that, please mail me.

Looking forward to the 19th of August,

12.07.2017 23:11, Michael Reichert пишет:
> Hi Ilya,
> Am 18.06.2017 um 11:05 schrieb Ilya Zverev:
>> This year the nominees for the short list will be decided not by a
>> single committee, but by a separate groups of people. For example, the
>> Innovations award will be manager by the Engineering Working Group, and
>> the Writing award — by the Communications WG.
> It is good to extend the committee.
>> We don't have selection committees for mapping, community and regional
>> awards, so if you want to participate, please contact me. Note that this
>> will exclude you from the list of nominees.
>> The call for nominees will close on 9th of July, and shortly after that
>> we will start the second round, choosing the award recipients.
> I observed that my nomination disappeared. I assume that the selection
> is happening currently, isn't it? You mentioned the possible committees
> for two categories but I don't know the remaining ones.
> Of course, some selection has to happen because some nominations are
> just invalid (e.g. WeeklyOSM was nominated but was awarded last year).
> But I think that the selection should happen by the community and not by
> committees in the dark. If they sort out nominees, it would improve
> transparency very much and reduce (my) anger if they gave a short
> explanation. I don't expect a long essay, a simple "was awarded last
> year" or a sentence which explains why he/she does not fit into the
> category is good enough.
> Best regards
> Michael

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