[OSM-talk] HOT Community Webinar - Wed July 26th 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM UTC

Gysler Castelino gyslerc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 19:58:53 UTC 2017

Hi, Join us for this month's HOT Community Webinar: improving the quality
of 'residential area' mapping. It will be held on Wednesday July 26th 3:00
PM – 4:00 PM UTC.  Mark your calendars and tell your friends! The link to
the webinar is below,


This webinar is intended for all audiences, new users to JOSM that are
interested in developing their own tools and scripts as well as experienced
users of JOSM. The webinar will begin with a review of an easy example in
JOSM using the scripting plugin. This can help anyone get started using
JOSM scripting plugin.

In this webinar two projects will be presented. The first one is a
javascript tool that runs in JOSM that helps mark residential areas on a
map in a consistent manner. This tool is intended for validators. Once the
building have been marked on the map, this tool can be employed to cluster
building based on settable parameters. The tool and it's functionality will
be demonstrated in the webinar.

The second project is a web application that outputs changes made per user
with a certain hashtag/timeframe, for example, number of mapped buildings,
listing of untagged nodes, non-square builings ratio. This tool will be
useful for better reporting of contributions to support validators in
assessing changes.

Additional info and motivation:
Some countries (e.g. Zambia) currently have large scale mapping OSM
campaigns (to do with malaria elimination). Typically, Missing Maps (see
e.g. http://tasks.hotosm.org/) often includes the instruction to map (1)
buildings, and then (2) group buildings into residential areas. However,
the 'residential area' definition is tricky, and volunteer mappers don't
apply it consistently, plus it may cross your task boundary. So we'd like
to find a way to consistently add 'residential area outlines' after the
buildings have been added.

Gysler Castelino, Bjoern Hassler, Blanca Pablos
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