[OSM-talk] Street Complete

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Fri Jun 2 13:20:31 UTC 2017

I have just been encouraged to look at Street Complete by some odd notes 
I saw.

I installed it to find out what the app does. I was prompted at some 
point for my OSM credentials, which I now regret.

The app shows my local area plastered with questions about the road 
surface. In the UK residential roads are generally metalled. Are we 
really going to add a surface tag to every UK residential road? After I 
had entered the choice as an experiment I was expecting a note to appear 
- that's why I started looking at the app. When I looked at the road I 
discovered it had used my OSM credentials to add a surface tag to the 
road. There was no indication this would happen.

It also pointed out a few very short link connections with no name. That 
is sensible to me, why would a short (<10m ) link road have a name? When 
double confirmed that the road has no name, it added noname=yes to the 
road using my credentials, again without telling me.

These seem to be unnecessary tagging.

It also seems to have changed a pedestrian to a service because it has 
no name, again quietly.

Lint tools in general suffer from the problem that some people assume 
they are errors and fix them without checking. This app has the benefit 
of being a lint tool that you can carry around and check because you're 
there. However, I think it needs to be more transparent that it is 
making a change including specifying what change it is making and I 
think the list of 'things to check' seems a bit naive.

Chris Hill (chillly)

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