[OSM-talk] Appropriate attribution to OSM in a mobile app

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Mon Mar 20 11:18:49 UTC 2017

OSMAnd doesnt even have an attribution on map. There are multiple reference
to OSM/OSM editing in settings, but thats about it.

I'm aware it has "OSM" in the name, but still doesnt resolve the

On Mar 20, 2017 7:01 AM, "Christoph Hormann" <osm at imagico.de> wrote:

> On Monday 20 March 2017, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> >
> > In a real world example, I have found an app which does credit OSM at
> > the bottom of the first screen (relatively tiny, I'd say same size as
> > is done in apps who provide constant attribution), but it vanishes as
> > soon as you move the map (i.e. almost instantly because you always
> > move the map). Also this attribution doesn't link or mention the ODbL
> > in any way.
> >
> > The other way to see OSM attribution is after clicking on settings,
> > then on about and then on "legal" (i.e. it is very hidden). The map
> > is the main feature of this app (its a tourist map guide).
> The ODbL is fairly clear on that in principle
> "You must include a notice associated with the Produced Work reasonably
> calculated to make any Person that uses, views, accesses, interacts
> with, or is otherwise exposed to the Produced Work aware that Content
> was obtained from the Database"
> There is a continuum of possibilities between flashing the attribution
> in tiny letters at the bottom for half a second during startup and
> having it displayed in big letters all the time.
> Quite often the situation is simple because other credits (like for the
> app creator or advertisements of any kind) are shown more prominently -
> this is not all right obviously.
> In most apps there are other good possibilities to make the user aware
> of OSM as a data source - like during other activities than plain map
> browsing - than an always on message on the map display.  Of course
> many app developers do not look for a good way to do this but just look
> for the least generous way to avoid getting sued.
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