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Hello all,

We’ve been working on a new data type that allows you to link to the
shapes* that are now stored on Commons. This data type will be deployed on
Wikidata on *April 17th*.

This data type refers to the geographical shapes that are enabled on
Wikimedia Commons since the beginning of this year. Here you can find more
information about this <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Maps>.

The property creators will be able to create properties with this geoshape
data type by selecting “Geographical shape” in the data type list.

When the property is created, you can use it in statements, and when
filling the value, if you start typing a string, you can choose the name of
a geoshape in the list of what exists on Commons.

[image: Screenshot test geoshape in Wikidata.png]

One thing to note: We currently do not export statements that use this
datatype to RDF. They can therefore not be queried in the Wikidata Query
Service. The reason is that we are still waiting for geoshapes to get
stable URIs. This is handled in this ticket

Before the deployment, you can test it on http://test.wikidata.org (see for
example the property “geotest” on Q22 <https://test.wikidata.org/wiki/Q22>).
If you have any question, feel free to ask!


Léa Lacroix
Project Manager Community Communication for Wikidata

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