[OSM-talk] new Wikidata+OSM data in one RDF database

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Fri May 12 16:03:52 UTC 2017

TLDR: A SPARQL (rdf) database with both OSM and Wikidata data is up for
testing.  Allows massive cross-referenced queries between two datasets. The
service is a test, and needs a permanent home to stay alive.

Overpass Turbo is awesome, but sadly it does not have data from Wikidata,
nor does it support some SQL-like conditions. I have setup a temporary RDF
database that has both OSM & Wikidata. You can use SPARQL queries to find:

* All OSM objects with wikidata tag that references a Wikipedia
disambiguation page. Get the name of the page in first available language
ru, fr, de, en.    http://tinyurl.com/mzlfb26

* OSM relations with wikidata tag pointing to a person (also tries multiple
language fallbacks).  http://tinyurl.com/m6fh3wx

* OSM relations with duplicate Wikidata IDs http://tinyurl.com/mvhhogx

== OSM data structure ==
osmnode, osmway, osmrel - OSM object prefix, e.g.  osmnode:1234
osmt - tag, e.g.  osmt:name:en  (only has tags with latin chars, -, _, :,
osmm - meta data about the object -- type, isClosed, version.

I try to preserve OSM data without much changes. Every tag's value is
stored as a string, except for wikidata and wikipedia tags which are
converted to a URL, the same format as stored in Wikidata.

  osmt:name "Samina";
  osmt:waterway "river";
  osmt:wikidata wd:Q156065;
  osmt:wikipedia <https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samina>;
  osmm:type "w";   #### could be "r", "w", and "n"
  osmm:isClosed false;   ####  this meta property is only for OSM ways
  osmm:version 24.

Wikidata data structure is identical to https://query.wikidata.org (see

== Current limitations ==
* Only includes OSM objects with either "wikidata" or "wikipedia" tags
* The OSM data only contains tags with only Latin letters, digits and
symbols - : _
* OSM geometry info is not imported, e.g. no center point or bounding box,
except for osmm:isClosed (true/false) property for ways.
* Does not include OSM object inheritance data - e.g. cannot query for
"find a node that is part of a way which is part of a relation that has
wikidata tag that ..."
* Wikidata is updated every second, but OSM does not yet update at all,
imported from a full db dump as of a few days ago.
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