[OSM-talk] New OSM Quick-Fix service

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 06:29:40 UTC 2017

The tool has been thoroughly reworked, thanks to many good suggestions.
Please keep discussion to constructive suggestions and ideas - they help us
all move forward and reach agreement.

What's new:
* Tool has a new name: Sophox
* Added "reject" vote button
* Tasks can now offer multiple choices selection (thanks Tobias for the
* Added voting - experimental tasks require two users agreement to change DB
* Users can "unvote" their own votes
* Multiple changes per changeset
* All votes are stored in the same RDF db, so the task can query it too.
* Added Mapbox satellite imagery
* Made it simple to revert Sophox changes: changesets now contain "task_id"
to track task-related edits.
* Added imagery tag to changeset
* Added domain name & https cert
* Many UI improvements, e.g. login / logoff / unread messages / icons
* Improve query parameter naming

Requirement:  Modern browser (tested on the latest Firefox and Chrome)
Full documentation:  https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Sophox

Multiple choice example: changing from amenity=education to a more specific
one, e.g. amenity=school or university.
* http://tinyurl.com/y9tobxm8
Single choice example:  removing natural=water from the swimming pools
(should be checked with the satellite view)
* http://tinyurl.com/y84tlqzt

See more examples (single and multi-choice) here:
* https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Quick_fixes

== Next steps ==
* address/fix any uncovered issues and concerns
* clean up wiki pages with tasks
* figure out the process when a task is OK to use without voting (direct
save, without the two person agreement)

== Moonshot goal ==
Mobile site/app that would bring up yes/no and multiple choice questions
from multiple tasks for the user's location. While I would love to do this,
lets discuss it in a separate thread if desired, as it is too far off at
this point.
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