[OSM-talk] Serious JOSM performance degradation

Safwat Halaby swiftfast at gmx.com
Sat Nov 11 20:43:22 UTC 2017

I deal with a huge dataset (about 30k bus stops nodes) almost daily.
This was never a problem before, but since recently (I cannot pinpoint
the exact version), JOSM often hangs when I edit the bus stop tags.
Waiting for a few seconds (can be up to ~30) always resolves this.

I suspect it has to do with JOSM's autocomplete, because it seems to
happen when editing massively used keys. For instance, all stops have a
"ref" key, and when I click "edit" on a single stop's "ref", JOSM
stalls. A similar issue occurs when adding "description" to changeset
uploads. Description is also used by all stops.

Any tips or pointers?

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