[OSM-talk] Could we just pause any wikidata edits for a month or two?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 3 10:02:52 UTC 2017


   seeing that the matter is discussed quite intensively and opinions
vary widely, could we perhaps agree to pause any (large scale) wikidata
edits for a while until more members of our community have had a chance
to form an opinion?

I mean it's fine for people to add some wikidata link to something they
are editing but can we just hold off any any automated, semi-automated,
query-driven, "challenge" driven edits for a while?

OpenStreetMap is not, and never has been, in a hurry. Let us take the
time to find out which level of wikidata integration we would like to
see, and reach a consensus on this.

I think that good points have been raised by many different people in
the discussion and these deserve to be more widely heard, translated,

I respect the work that Yuri has done on this and I see the potential of
the linked query engine he has developed, but I think it would have been
a better course of action to perfect wikidata linking in a small region,
then demonstrate the usefulness and ask for buy-in from the community to
go full planet. What we're seeing now is a chain of world-wide edits,
then fixes, then other fixes, the development of a query engine that
relies on tags added just a few days ago, all going on *while* this
discussion is happening. Individual cases being brought up in the
discussion quickly leading to another large-scale "fix" - it is really
hard to follow.


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