[OSM-talk] OSM user survey still open - more women needed

Zoe Gardner zoegardner3 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 10:32:58 UTC 2017

Dear OpenStreetMappers

A couple of weeks ago I launched an online survey aimed to collect demographic data about OSM contributors for a research project (funded by the University of Nottingham and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) concerned with gender biases in OSM. The survey has received a great response and I would like to send my thanks to all users who have so far participated. 

However, more responses are needed (especially from women). I would therefore like to encourage any mappers, male and female, who have not yet participated, to consider doing so. There are only six questions and the survey takes less than a minute to complete, plus you could earn a £15 Amazon voucher for your time (apx. US$20). 

The gender imbalance in OSM contributing is a recognised aspect of the project. The results of this survey will help to better understand the impact of this bias which could lead to more targeted strategies for widening participation. For more information and to complete the survey please visit:


Thank you
Zoe (Geospa_gal)

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