[OSM-talk] Redacting 75, 000 street names contributed by user chdr

Bianca Hambasan bianca.hambasan at telenav.com
Fri Sep 8 10:48:51 UTC 2017


We, the map analysts team from Telenav started editing in Phoenix by adding and reviewing the road geometry and road name, so we found this issue too. In our area of interest, we found about 5 200 ways with this tag. We want to help with this since we already edit in the area. Do you have any suggestions if we can contribute without overlapping our work? We can also use Map Roulette challenges, so anyone can be involved. If you have any other suggestion, we are open to them.
As a source, we use Tiger data and Open Street Cam. What do you think about the accuracy of them?

Thank you!

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