[OSM-talk] Transferring OSMTracker for Android development to the OpenStreetMap organization

Nicolas Guillaumin nicolas+osm at guillaumin.me
Sun Sep 17 19:32:15 UTC 2017


I'm the author of the OSMTracker for Android application:

As people have probably noticed, development has more or less halted 
since a few years because I lack the time and motivation to continue 
working on the app. A factor has been that I moved to places where the 
OSM map is complete, so I'm not even using the app. myself anymore :)

Pull requests and bug reports are regularly coming though, so I'd like 
to transfer the code to the OpenStreetMap GitHub organization so that 
someone can take over and continue maintaining & improving it. Ideally:
- Transfer the GitHub project to the OSM organization
- Transfer the Transifex project too, for translations
- Remove the app. from the Google Play Store under my name, so that it 
can be re-published by OpenStreetMap / the new maintainer(s)

I'm not sure this mailing list is the best place to discuss this, but 
there are so many communication channels these days that I wasn't sure 
where to post. Let me know if there's a better place, and if anyone is 
interested to take over?



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