[OSM-talk] Label language on the Default stylesheet

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Sep 25 09:14:12 UTC 2017


On 25.09.2017 10:55, Christoph Hormann wrote:
>> Also, personally I'm in a similar situation to Maarten. I'm from
>> Germany and I don't want a map with all German or all English names;
>> ideally I want a map with local names except where I can't read them
>> ;)
> While i understand this view and also see you are saying this with a bit 
> of irony it seriously saddens me that apparently a large fraction of 
> the OSM community actually thinks this way and wants the OSMF to invest 
> ressources in a map that is well readable for them rather than a map 
> that represents and communicates the diversity of the global OSM 
> community.

Oh, in case I wasn't clear - what I said above was not with irony;
indeed, for my personal use, I want a map that shows me names I can
read. Which, I assume, everyone does. But I didn't want to imply that
the OSM web site should be doing that (especially since I'm not its only
 user); I think the OSM web site should continue to use local names
throughout while we technically have to choose a name, and somewhere
down the line the web site should give users a choice which names they
would like to see.

I share your "diversity" viewpoint, although one must also see that by
only displaying the "name", some people in regions with non-latin script
but strong western cultural influence could feel forced to include a
Latin rendering of the name in their "name" tags or even use Latin
renderings altogether for "name". A future option of "display the name
you like" will also free these mappers to map the correct local names.


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