[OSM-talk] Downloading Version 3 of all bus stops in a country

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Sep 26 12:12:41 UTC 2017


On 26.09.2017 13:31, Safwat Halaby wrote:
> V3 was an automatic import for all nodes. it was made pretty quickly
> after v1 and v2

This whole import is a terrible mess:


It starts with the version 1 already being titled "attempt 3", then in
version 2 a "fixme = check/adjust position and/or merge with existing
stop if exists" is added which of course is another wording for "this
import should not have happened in the first place"! Later all name tags
were duplicated in name:he and the latest three versions are also some
form of automated doctoring.

A month ago you've removed the "fixme=..." from 30k nodes and replaced
it with a "gtfs:reviewed=no", creating yet another version of the whole
data set in our database. What makes you think that, after the "fixme"
tags have *not* been acted on since the original import 5 years ago,
changing this to "gtfs:reviewed=no" will suddenly have an effect?

Are all these automatic edits at least discussed on the Israeli mailing
list, or is this a free-for-all where anyone who knows how to write a
script runs over all bus stops in Israel again and again?


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