[OSM-talk] Downloading Version 3 of all bus stops in a country

john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 21:08:47 UTC 2017

>We are well aware that GTFS accuracy is not perfect. (Though nobody Reported
a 100-meter deviation so far). A potential solution, which could also work
globally, is discussed below.

Some University researchers who were looking at the GTFS files noted the
problem sometime ago in the US.  One provider was a couple of hundred
metres out on bus stop location.  Locally they were a little better but it
was only when the bus announcement system came in and they very very
carefully measured the location of each bus stop to comply with the
provincial instructions that the GTFS file became at all usable and even
then it took a dedicated team to do it and it wasn't a straight import.

Personally unless you can confirm the accuracy of the bus stops my feeling
is no data is better than poor data that cannot be trusted.

Please do not do this globally.

Cheerio John
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