[OSM-talk] Label language on the Default stylesheet

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Wed Sep 27 06:11:04 UTC 2017

On 26.09.17 23:00, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> for the record: using Latin would be the completely wrong message we 
> could send out IMHO. It would make us look like an elitist circle [1] 
> and would make many people feel rejected, or at least make them turn 
> away as soon as they get to know about it.
> Cheers,
> Martin
> [1] sometimes you already can get this impression about OSM, although 
> it is a different bunch of elitists (computer science) than those 
> typically studying Latin.

I do not argue with it. It is not an ideal solution.

However, there is a saying "A language is a dialect with an army and 
navy" [1]. So giving a global preference to one language, no matter 
which, also sends a certain message.

The Latin language is unique in this respect. It is well developed in 
the field of science, including geography. And it is not associated with 
any political entity for which exists a living memory. And it will be 
used only for additional labels to the main labels in local non-Latin 

In any case, it is doable, and, perhaps, there could be other ideas, not 
only the obvious ones.


Best regards,


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