[OSM-talk] The real face of MAPS.ME edits and notes - a short analysis

Safwat Halaby swiftfast at gmx.com
Wed Sep 27 09:01:23 UTC 2017

Note: I'm replying to an old mail. If you don't have it. You can find
it here:
"The real face of MAPS.ME edits and notes - a short analysis"

>The price to reproduce all the on-the-ground mappers'
> contributions
we have is
> likely to be somewhere between 4 million and 150 million


These monetary considerations could be valid so long as the MAPS.ME bad
edits do not exceed a certain threshold. Past that threshold,
maintainers can no longer keep up with the noise and the value of the
map essentially drops to zero. Take a look at the Middle East, the map
was filled with POIs such as "my house", "my uncle's house". For a map
consumer, it would be a poor choice to use OpenStreetMap in these
regions, because it's junk. They'd prefer Google Maps or Bing Maps. And
so, OpenStreetMap becomes valueless, regardless of much money would
have been invested in surveying, etc.

I've deleted thousands of personal bookmarks in that area but I can no
longer keep up and have no desire to continue doing so. The "my house"
style tags will probably re-accumulate with time, reducing the value of
the map.

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