[OSM-talk] Overlapping brands (was "Fixing wiki* -> brand:wiki*")

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 21:09:08 UTC 2017

> > Specifying Q125054 is the same as specifying "Aldi". If needed/wanted,
> it could be replaced with the more specific wikidata entry like Aldi Nord.
> no, it’s not the same, because this wikidata object suggests that there is
> one company, Aldi GmbH & Co. KG, with 2 seats, and one logo.
> Specifying operator:wikipedia=en:Aldi would be similar to specifying
> operator=Aldi and it would be much more precise, because it tells you
> there’s 2 chains of this name, and they are not “supermarkets” but discount
> supermarkets which is very different.

Martin, that specific Wikidata item may have some, possibly incomplete
data, that can be easily fixed, but that's irrelevant. As I keep saying -
the wikidata and wikipedia tags are no different - both point to the same
article in Wikipedia. if you want, think of Wikidata as the redirect system
with stable IDs. We don't mind storing "website" with arbitrary URL, why
not store wikipedia with a stable URL?  operator:wikipedia=en:Aldi is bad
simply because it "en:Aldi" is frequently renamed. The wikidata tag can
easily be shown as text by all the tools (some already do). I feel like we
are going the 2nd or 3rd circle by now.
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