[OSM-talk] Overlapping brands (was "Fixing wiki* -> brand:wiki*")

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 08:28:00 UTC 2017

 If we would have stable ids, then this 'problem' could be resolved by
adding the foreign keys to our objects to Wikidata, which is their normal
way of operating.

It took me a few messages to explain to the Wikidata contributors that we
don't have stable ids and that the best way forward was to add links to
Wikidata on our side.

Are you all saying this was incorrect? Do you have a better solution?
Stating that foreign keys shouldn't be in OSM at all is not very helpful.

Some examples of what can be achieved with references made to wikidata:
I created some lua code, which generates the following Overpass Query:

All OSM objects with a name (in several languages) referring to a city.
More zoomed in:

I did the same for some persons. Of course it took me a while to filter
(manually) the OSM objects to know for which ones the
name:etymology:wikidata key was correct.

Some referred to Leuvenheim for example. It is not trivial to find all
these objects, if the reference to wikidata would be missing in our data.

The same goes for names of kings and queens as their names got 'recycled' a
lot. Princes and princesses named after their grandparents.

Anyway, I think a case can be made for including references to wikidata in
OSM and as coverage becomes more and more complete, more interesting
queries become a possibility. Of course just like constant improvements
need to be made to the geographic component of our data, the meta data also
needs maintenance. Some will say it's futile, others will say it's
interesting to create these sorts of links.


2017-09-28 1:36 GMT+02:00 Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com>:

> On 27/09/2017 19:47, Marc Gemis wrote:
>> Is "the same geographical area" relevant ? Why should a data consumer
>> use a separate datebase to identify the brand of an item ?
> Simply because some people had suggested that "brand:wikidata" was
> unnecessary because you could always work out what brand a name was by
> location, and some people had suggested that it was necessary because you
> couldn't - it was just an attempt to find a concrete example; not an
> attempt to prove a point either way.
> Of course this is unrelated to whether or not wikidata/wikipedia/any other
> foreign key belongs in OSM (as discussed at length elsewhere).
> Best Regards,
> Andy
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