[OSM-talk] Osmose-QA - Mapillary traffic signs matching

Frédéric Rodrigo fred.rodrigo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 15:26:31 UTC 2017


You can upload what you see in Mapillary photos. The tools use traffic 
signs extracted by Mapillary and only point out where it seams there is 
something missing.

Yes, we may plan to suggest adding traffic signs as well in addition of 
traffic signs effects.

The future and the generalisation of this project will depend on the 
interest of contributors and the the availability or not of a detected 
traffic signs dump provided by Mapillary.


Le 28/09/2017 à 14:20, Martin Koppenhoefer a écrit :
> do you intend to upload these to OSM, and if yes, are you going to create traffic sign objects or will you add traffic sign information to nearby osm objects like roads?
> Cheers,
> Martin

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