[OSM-talk] [Osmf-talk] ODbL text

Michael Kugelmann MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de
Sun Apr 8 22:30:35 UTC 2018

On 08.04.2018 at 14:12 Simon Poole wrote:
> PS: that doesn't mean that having our own clean copy as a backup 
> wouldn't be a good idea, 
I very much encourage the OSMF to host a copy of the license as the OSMF 
distributes their data (=> the raw OSM data)  using this license. This 
could be clearly marked as a copy with reference to the original one.

> but IMHO the pointer to archive.org is probably the best of all bad 
> solutions right now.
Is there a way to support open data commons / OKF with their problems 
(or maybe even make a *friendly* push to get their problems sorted out)?


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