[OSM-talk] How do you mapping gender neutral toilets? What should the unisex tag mean?

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Wed Apr 25 17:58:12 UTC 2018

Hi Rory,

Am 2018-04-24 um 18:27 schrieb Rory McCann:
> But I don't think that's how "unisex=yes" been used in OSM. The wiki
> page says "unisex=yes" is a shorthand for "male=yes female=yes". The
> JOSM validator used to suggest that replacement, until I filed a bug[2].
> iD's preset has 3 mutually exclusive options, Male, Female and Unisex,
> it won't let you add both male=yes female=yes.
> If I see "amenity=toilets unisex=yes", I would think this is a gender
> neutral toilet. If I see "amenity=toilets female=yes male=yes" I would
> think gender segregated. Big difference.
> I propose that we start viewing "unisex=yes" on toilets as meaning
> "gender neutral toilet", which is different from "male=yes female=yes",
> which is "gender segregated".

The current usage of unisex=* doesn't seem to be good tag design but
changing its definition isn't a good idea either. Your proposed
redefinition of unisex=yes would change the meaning of an established
and highly used tag. Please invent new tags.

Sorry for the stupid question but are there more types of toilets than
the following three?
- male only
- female only
- not assigned to a specific gender

If the world were that simple, the following scheme might be sufficient:

amenity=toilet + unisex=yes + toilet:male_only=no +
toilet:female_only=no: one room for all

amenity=toilet + unisex=yes + toilet:male_only=yes +
toilet:female_only=yes: the "standard" toilet with separated rooms for
women and men

amenity=toilet + unisex=yes + toilet:male_only=yes +
toilet:female_only=yes + toilet:all=yes: toilet with three rooms (men +
women + all)

Best regards


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