[OSM-talk] Name:* tags in the local language

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Thu Apr 26 13:41:30 UTC 2018

W dniu 26.04.2018 o 14:32, Philip Barnes pisze:
> If a place in England should we assume its name is in English?
> Name:en=Llanymynech would be a very odd assumption. As would Hengoed
> or Rhydycroesau.
> This cannot be automatic, it needs mappers with local knowledge.

That's pretty sane /general/ assumption, but rules can have /specific/
corner cases, like these. Note that nobody has added name:en=Llanymynech
- it's only name=Llanymynech, see:


In this case local knowledge is probably to *not add* name:en=*. The
data consumer has no "en" value to render (let's talk about rendering
for example), so she can fall back to just name=* value - or just skip
it, if she wants to show only English names (why not?).

What I propose is to have some general assumptions, but in specific
cases these can be overriden (like official_name=cy for example) or
ommited (if not applicable - for example we don't know the language or
we don't have time to add so specific data and name=* is enough).

"My method is uncertain/ It's a mess but it's working" [F. Apple]

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