[OSM-talk] highway=* + area=yes vs area:highway=*

Tomasz Wójcik tomox3 at wp.pl
Wed Aug 8 10:49:08 UTC 2018

As highway=footway etc. tags are set to "should not be used on areas" on 
Wiki, and mapping them in combination with area=yes is not documented at 
all and considered as wrong tagging by part of users, there is a key 
"area:highway=*" (133k uses at the moment). Part of users still map 
footway areas as a combination anyway, propably because it's rendered by 
default style. Due to our rules, that we shouldn't have 2 active tagging 
schemes for the same feature, so we should discuss this topic.

I vote for area:highway=* key, because it's simpler, and it gives a 
possibility to show also street areas with crossings in the future.

* Wiki with specyfications of a:h=* for certain keys: 
* TagInfo: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/area:highway
* area:highway=* visualisation: http://osmapa.pl/w/area
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