[OSM-talk] Is it technically and legally possible to add the Open Location Code to the OSM search?

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Thu Aug 9 13:42:37 UTC 2018

So you are talking about an enhancement to Nominatim I assume?

There is a process to request enhancements.

Cheerio John

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> Open Location Codes are also referred to as "plus codes".  Since August
> 2015, Google Maps supports plus codes in their search engine. The algorithm
> is Open Source, licensed under the Apache License 2.0. and available on
> GitHub [1].
> A plus code, can be generated at: https://plus.codes/ . It can be entered
> at the Google Maps search input box to find a location. A plus sign "+" is
> inserted in the code for recognition.
> It would be nice to have an interoperability. For example, a customer uses
> Google Map, but a dispatcher in a Call Center the OpenStreetMap. The OLC
> has got some interesting features:
> "Open Location Codes are derived from latitude and longitude coordinates,
> so they already exist everywhere. They are similar in length to a telephone
> number -- 849VCWC8+R9, for example -- but can often be shortened to only
> four or six digits when combined with a locality (CWC8+R9, Mountain View).
> Locations close to each other have similar codes. They can be encoded or
> decoded offline. The character set avoids similar looking characters, to
> reduce confusion and errors, and avoids vowels to make it unlikely that a
> code spells existing words.The Open Location Code is not case-sensitive,
> and can therefore be easily exchanged over the phone." [1]
> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Location_Code
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> Oleksiy
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