[OSM-talk] [Osmf-talk] Candidate's views? Re: Board decision on Crimea complaint

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Tue Dec 11 13:22:47 UTC 2018

Hi Guillaume,

I would like to point out that in Ukraine displaying a map without 
Crimea is illegal, article 110, part 1, of the Penal code. It involves 
from 3 to 5 years of imprisonment [1]. So the OSM map without Crimea is 
becoming potentially unusable for the community in Ukraine.

I think there should be a technical solution, a technical compromise. 
For example, introducing the OSM tag: boundary=demarcation line [2].

There are physical objects on roads between the Kherson oblast of 
Ukraine and Crimea in the form of concrete blocks [3] from both sides, 
mapping which somehow could be useful. Hitting such a road block in 
darkness at high speed would be a hapless event.

Local people get arrested regularly for crossing inadvertently [4], so 
it could be practical to show a demarcation line. Usually they are let 
go after a couple of days and a fine. But even a day or two in a prison 
could be a sad experience.

[1] http://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/2341-14
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demarcation_line

Best regards,

On 12/11/2018 11:50 AM, Guillaume Rischard wrote:
> ...
> The lobbying from Ukrainians over the last days has been heavy. However, the on-the-ground rule is one of the very core values that we have built OSM and the OSMF on.

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